Thursday, 22 July 2010

Back in the game ... one month on.

Thanks to all the loyal viewers who've glanced sadly across at their blogroll as the might that was pathfinder has drifted further and further down your blogrolls.

Service is now resumed. Blog is restored. Disqus is mortally wounded and reset. Life is coming back to the old limbs.

A Honeymoon and technical catastrophe ... (damn you blogger... shakes fist dramatically) has led to the complete loss of ALL historical comments. Which er ... sucks.

Still, the blog still lives and the important thing is that Pathfinder and Suneokun are back in the game. I was heartened to see the number of poll entries in my absense. Clearly you all have a strong idea that my tactics rule ... yeah right.

Anyhow, Batrep is going into production tomorrow. All the photo's are prepped and ready. Also, I've got planned a VERY VERY SPECIAL battle report... something very nostalgic and wonderful.

There's a subtle hint ... somewhere on this posting???
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