Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Oh look ... an interlude!


The Spearhead batrep is delayed due to the photo's being on my old PC ... damn you windows (well I'm blaming them!) ... as soon as I can gather the courage, I'll hike up my long boots, straighten my scabbard and carry a torch into the cave of Windows Vista to retrieve them.

In the meantime I've been prepping my brain for a 'special game' tonight with Anton. While trawling the web, I thought I'd search for some 'scribd' (or likewise) ruleset as my is pretty well worn (paper covered rulebook + 20 years, it's doing well...)

What I wasn't expecting was the steller work of Headless Hollow! Check out this stellar list of astounding quickguides and play aids, with a plethora of games from the 'cardboard' heyday of 40k.

The ASC quickguide is accurate and beautifully produced. Nice one.
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