Friday, 30 July 2010

Sons of Alpharius Painting Progress

Huron leads the chosen into combat...

After a month of little to no action, due to the pesky thing called life ... I managed to set aside a little time to complete the Chaos Dreadnought and Chosen unit of Sons of Alpharius renegades.

First thing to note is that these boys are not particularly 'chaosy'. While some spiky bits remain, I want to keep the whole force ambivalent between codex and chaos. This is both so that I can entertain both codici, but more importantly for fluff reasons, the Alpha Legion and the subsequent Sons of Alpharius were never the 'Eye of Terror' types. As such, all the pointy bits seem a little out of place.

Enough with the chatter... on with the photo. My 5MP camera finally succumbed to Spanish sand death on the honeymoon, so this is taken with a backup 3.2MP camera phone - my new HCT Wildfire is an awesome phone, but has a despondently poor camera ... its all about the software and lens and both are SHITE.

Anyhow ... off to John Lewis to get a new pair of spanking cameras at the weekend... nice!
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