Thursday, 26 August 2010

Passion for the Plastic

Brilliant Picture taken from CAUSE MARKETING, an interesting blog on charity/business cross polination marketing, if you're interested... but a cool photo nonetheless.

Apologies to all for my extended absense. Life (and work especially) is vibrantly frantic at the moment. This leaves me with little time to lift a brush, play a wargame, or attempt a blog post. To cap it all, I've got a BIG battle report and a game development synopsis in the 'half done' editing list on my blog creation list.

This has resulted in serious constipation in the writing area, as I drift back to these monstrous blog write-ups. Simply put - there's too much on and something's got to give, and currently its my blog rate.

Now is a very busy time, as will be September (and maybe October too) ... but as the colleges and Universities go back to servicing their students and stop buying my company's equipment ... life may return to normal. The R&D (8 months worth) is complete, the new product is on the wall (literally, yesterday, I was involved), and hopefully life will be returning to normal...


So nothing much to write about on the GW side, but to contemplate the following query ... we've all experienced the 'cycle' of wargaming. The flux and flow of an obsession (and really it is isn't it ... these are small plastic men after all) waxes and wanes* as the years pass. Certainly I've found that since being unable to play, or paint, or blog about W40k ... I've found myself less 'obsessive' on the subject. This worries me, but also encourages me to engage with my hobby with a passion normally held up for the couple in the dying throws of a relationship.

I'm sure my interest will peak again and I'm simply 'out of the zone' for the moment. The mistakes on the blog (losing the discus history for example) broke my rhythm and I'm now struggling to get back the old mojo. This combined with many many days on the road building business have palled my passion into a mewling form of its previous peak.

That said, I can see the moment when my Alpha Legion troops march on the enemy - but keeping it fresh is always a challenge. I could always attempt new games systems, but I'm loath to 'widen' my already burgeoning budget for plastic crack.

Perhaps a hiatus is exactly what the doctor ordered. A break to remind me on what I'm missing, the only concern is that I might not actually miss it that much...


Lol. Perhaps a Apocalyse game is what I need? So there's a quick glimpse into the brain of 'moi' and my current crisis of faith with the old plastic crack. As has been said before:

"Help me [Entername], you're my only hope!"**

What's your experience? Are you constant in your gaming passion? Have you had moments of doubt and pain? Come on lads, share it out... get me through this!



* Waxes and Wanes ... I'm not sure about everyone else, but don't both these words sounds debilitating? I 'know' that waxes means grow, but since when did wax grow, it melts? You catch my drift...

** According to a recent interview I heard, George Lucas' original script was pretty 'clunky' and needed significant 'massaging' into the clipped statacco which boils over the internet like a plethora of adolescent excretions. That said, can anyone even remember a quote from the 'new' starwars... I got more one liners from Galaxy Quest***

*** Which if you haven't seen, then shame, shame, shame ... buy or rent it now.
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