Thursday, 5 August 2010

Swords of Alpharius Painting Update

The entire family have dissapeared on holiday, leaving me at home to work ... earn money ... complete all DIY. This is kinda cool and kinda sucks. The sulky bit is the fact I feel like Woody and Buzz from Toy Story - I've been left behind. Meanwhile I get nice letter from my daughter and son with pictures and drawings - which is cool.

The great bit is that I can exploit the empty house to get some serious painting and gaming in ... in between the DIY (honest). Before I shoot off to remorter the brickwork around the window frame on the front of the house, here's a quick update.

Swords of Alpharius (not Sons of Alpharius ... or are they?!?)

Deathguard: In reverse order here's my Deathguard Sergeant complete with powerfist goodness. I wanted to 'bring him into the fold, colourwise, and so opted to paint his claw blue. This both doubles as a mockery of the Crimson Fists (my favourite codex chapter), as well as playing an important role in the Swords of Alpharius 'bribing' a deathguard squad on board... that's my fluff anyhow.

Shiny Deathguard with a less than shiny coat ... dullcoat anyone?

Dreadnought: Next up in my loverly 2nd Edition Chaos Dreadnought. I carried through the Blue/Green and Red highlight Triad scheme and kept him bright. As with all my models, basing is something I will be inventing at a later date...
Rahhh Dreadnought...

Assault Squad: Here's some new additions! The Assault squad are favouring red weaponry to go with their codex jumppacks (stolen in deepspace). The sergeant lacked red, but gained a bloody ICON, ammo and head strip - to help him stand out.

Charge forward boys and deliver the icon into the enemy...

Chosen: Next up are the completed and 'final tweak' Chosen, led by none other than Chesney Hawkes. For meltas in an infiltrating or flanking Rhino - can't go wrong really. Plus, if I need the spot for Terminators, these guys become havocs. You'll note than none of these guys look particularly 'chaosy' - which is on purpose. These boys are Alpha Legion renegades, not common-or-garden Chaos Marines ... pah?!?
The Chosen - pretentious bunch

Huron: Finally, good old Huron in all his glory. I've spoken at length on why I love this model and his rule ... so no need for more. The new camera really works the mini's ... I'll let the model speak for itself.
Huron. He cool. He bad. He got a little deamon monkey.

Suneokun out.
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