Monday, 6 December 2010

Challenge Suneokun Update #3 - Gargling

Despite a night of ironing, and multiple nights of replastered, re-coved and repainted dining room painting I am currently ahead of schedule. The blog is keeping me focussed, combined with the sneaking suspicion that while I may have vastly overestimated the amount of time required to base 100 mini's (it's a couple of hours, not 5 evenings) I'm concerned that my planned layout for weeks 3 and 4 are ridiculously light.
  • Week 1 objective (last week): base 100 mini's. DONE!
  • Week 2 objective (this week): paint and base 21 Gargoyles and 15 Ripper Swarms. GARGOYLES ARE 80% THERE WITH ONLY INKING, BASING AND HIGHLIGHTS REQUIRED. RIPPERS TO GO.
  • Week 3 objective (next week): paint and base Trygon, 2 Hiveguard and a Zoanthrope.
  • Week 4 objective (week before Christmas): convert, paint and base 5 Tyranid Warriors and a Mycetic Spore.
So... I should get the Gargles finished tonight. 5/15 Ripper Swarms (now there's a survey worth reading!) are complete, requiring only basing, which leaves me 10 swarms left... infinitely doable. So do I try to add in the Spore conversion this week, or break in the Trygon?

It's certainly an interesting psychological aspect to this. I've never 'scheduled' my painting before. It's always been at my 'regular' whim or because I have a game coming up. Simply writing down an expectation online seems to have galvanised something in me, and I'm finding myself flying through 20 models at twice the speed I would normally.

The added incentive is that I'm also riven with guilt that these models have been languishing in the 'almost complete' pile for too long. Truly completing my first army (my forth one, Chaos Space Marines) seems to have galvanised my desire to see the others done. And showcase them here.
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