Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Challenge Suneokun Update #6 - Knuckling Down to Herculean Effort

Thanks for the feedback on the previous post. Heading into Christmas, I have a mountain of responsibilities at work to arrange ... none of which will be easy and involve a lot of travelling. While the DIY has quieted down ... Christmas approaches! And this morning I have woken up decidedly ill!

Rubbish eh?

However the painting progress has been spurred on by two herculean nights of very fast (and questionably accurate) painting. On Monday night I completed the paint job on the 20 Gargoyles (tongues, claws and stipes, oh my!), 80% completed the 10 rippers and start to finish completed the paintjob on my second Trygon.

It was a monstrous effort totalling 4 hours of concentrated effort.

Last night I finished the Rippers and started both the HiveGuard and the Tyranid Warriors (next weeks challenge). All the above require basing, but I've decided to 'lump them up' on that front after all the other basing took about an hour.

This leaves me with:
  • 5 Tyranid Warriors, half painted and ready to convert.
  • Hive Guard (half painted)
  • Hive Guard (pending)
  • Mycetic Spore (pending)
  • 5 Termagaunts (2 metal to be painted, 3 plastic to be converted onto the spore).
  • Zoanthrope (unbased, unpainted, missing arms and looking pathetic)
  • 1 1/2 converted flying warrior ... what to do?
So question 1 ... do I base the gargoyle flying bases?

And question 2 ... what do I do with a random half converted modern Tyranid Warrior? When all my other warriors are 'turkey heads' and the other two modern warriors have become a prime AND the Parasite?

Help me Obi Wan, luke stole my speeder bike.
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