Monday, 13 December 2010

Challenge Suneokun Update #5 - A Week in the life of a busy boy

"If I can get the base coats done on these Gargoyles - I can hopefully get them out of the way over the weekend." - Suneokun, 2nd December 2010.

Hmm ... what do they say about mice and men and the planning strategy ... it didn't go quite according to plan. As I did highlight during the email - there was a fair amount of work going on at home ... a fair amount of 'stuff' which would get in the way - and it did!
  • Thursday 2nd - Hugely Optimistic and spend evening de-constructing the dining room of all furniture in preparation for bedlam.
  • Friday 3rd - Last minute confirmed installation at a London University followed by an evening of Ironing - what fun! Wrong coving is delivered.
  • Saturday 4th - Install wrong coving (which is prettier anyway), but don't have enough to finish room.
  • Sunday 5th - Christmas Tree collecting, Santa visiting and painting all evening (the dining room that is)
  • Monday 6th - Painting room all evening
  • Tuesday 7th - Surveys in Leciester, grab missing bit of coving and bring home, install coving and painting room all evening with in-laws
  • Wednesday 8th - Carpet installed in afternoon, I deliver chunk of old carpet to brother in laws house and am entertained all evening, wife repaints both cream and green walls - much deserved deadly ninja stares and cold shoulder behaviour on return.
  • Thursday 9th - Relocate all furniture back into Dining room, cooking and cleaning in preparation for party... finish off coving and refit light fittings/curtains and other sundries.
  • Friday 10th - late night shopping, going out with wife and small people to look at Christmas lights/buy light sabers/buy presents/separate light saber wielding Children. Come home and crash.
  • Saturday 11th - Carol singing out doors with lispy, padre hatted religious people. Frozen small people. Return home to entertain a dozen people for dinner. Wife's curry goes wrong and she recooks entire curry (madness) ... fantastic night until 3am.
  • Sunday 12th - woken at 5.45am by brother in laws baby and wife GOES OUTSIDE and de-ices car while I hide like the coward I am. Children jump on me demanding TV at 7.30am, as I'm sleeping on a lilo on the floor in the lounge (baby and in-laws having our bed).
Finally paint 20 Gargoyles and 10 Rippers at high speed on Sunday night until 1am.

NB: In laws 'steal' wife's book 3 of the Millenium series from bedside table, complete with her bookmark (which is weirdly an old password sheet) ... much bitterness and rivalry begins.

It's been a tough week, still - nearly Christmas. That'll be relaxi ... oh no.
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