Friday, 17 December 2010

Challenge Suneokun Update #7 - closing stages?

With a dazed expression, it almost feels like the end?? I've got 5 Tyranid Warriors which are basecoated and require 'Lashwhips' modelling. I have a Mycetic Spore in need of some conversion work and the amalgamation of three plastic Termgaunts.

I have built and base coated the Zoanthrope and 2 Hive Guard.

And that's it? With a slightly shifty look around, and a sense of deja vu... am I nearly there yet?

I've got no DIY monsters on the calender, but 4 tough days of installations and commissionings next week... best put this one to bed this weekend - methinks!

...and I would have gotten away with it...
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