Friday, 7 November 2008

Mounted Rough Rider Commissar and the latest Ogryn update

By Suneokun.

I'm really quite excited by the rough riders I'm converting. However first up a quick picture to show how the Ogryn greenstuff work is progressing. After being intimidated by greenstuff for ages (largely due to a childhood accident including epoxy resin, a lead Greater Deamon and Khorne and the pet Jack Russell), and this was my first details attempt. Thanks go out to From the Warp and others for the advice over molding greenstuff. I am shocked about how pleasurable and easy it is to use and it will be a core part of my modelling and conversions from now on. Thanks to Ron for his comments... exciting times!

I'm very pleased with the 'belly effect'. Next up is to turn their pointy Prince of Persia fantasy shoes into solid footwear. Further adaptation may include:

  • A variety of caps and hats - suggestions please...
  • Cigars
  • Wounds and Bullet Holes (they are tough after all!)
  • Some body armour?
Suggestions on a post card please - or just comment underneath!

Mounted Commissar

Right, yeah, ok ... I know. Commissars aren't given "horse" as an upgrade option in wargear (although they should!), I expect this to be recified by the upcoming codex and bring the IG in line with the bike toting Ork and Smurf Heroes and Command Squad out their. Not to mention Eldar!

The inspiration for this model wasn't actually born until I opened the box. Just to recap, I've previously posted my devious plan to circumvent the need to spend £7 each on Attilan Rough Riders (which cost me £2.50 in 1997 and look rubbish). Therefore I have embarked on a cunning plan of combining regular garden Cadian foot troops with Warhammer Fantasy Horses.

I selected the Empire pistolliers as my sacrificial Warhammer unit and bought 2 packs and a pack of cadian's to make up the number. My cunning plan was to get one unit of 10 roughriders and one unit of 10 cadian's for a paltry £35 (thanks to Gifts for Geeks and BitzBox). Slashing the GW retail cost of £79 through cunning conversion techniques. For more detail and tactica, see here: Reinvigorating Rough Riders.

However, on opening the Pistolliers box and scanning the minitures, I discovered that the Great Coat of the dramatic leader was remarkably familiar! The cursed thing was clearly stolen from some passing commissar, from the Napoleanic buttons, to the split back and the fur layered interior and muffling collar!

"I will have someone's head for this!" I thought quietly (inside my own head) and explored the model closer. The sword, on closer inspection, looks remarkably more 40k than WFB. It even has 'power sword' like attachments along the top.

And so a plan formed inside my mind. The combination of this cloak sword and body (for carapace). A tank commander's cap and some greenstuffing on the legs to imitate carapace armour and there you have it!

Mounted Commissar - 56 pts
Independent Mounted Commissar - 66pts

4 4 3 3 2 4 2 10 4+

Wargear: Carapace Armour, Bolt Pistol, Power Sword, Rough Rider Steed.

Rough Rider Steed:
A Commissar may opt to enter battle on his favourite steed. The commissar will be attached to Rough Rider units as per the usual 'Advisors' rule. Note that this commissar may only be allocated once all HQ Command and Platoon Command Squads have allocated Commissars. The Rough Rider Steed costs an additional 5pts.


Putting this model together hardly counts as a conversion as it practically builds itself. The diagram below details the construction (GW style). Once I've painted the model I will post more pictures.

Any questions, give me a shout - I'm looking forward to the arrival of my Empire Lances and the conversion and construction of my remaining Rough Riders.