Thursday, 27 November 2008

First of the Cadian Rough Riders

By Suneokun

The First of my new and improved Cadian Roughriders have made their way off the production line. Total price for 10 Roughriders (including powersword sergeant and mounted Commissar) and 20 guardsmen = £34. Bargain.

See here for the 'how to'

After long and serious consideration I stuck them together and then decided against extensive greenstuff work. I've kept the pistolliers legs (which although armoured, fit in pretty well with the styling), I also decided against modifying the lance arms as it would prove finnickerty and difficult and the armoured arm looks fine. The additional armour will be written off as Carapace (if I take the doctrine) and 'pretty' if I don't... oh well?!?

On with the photo's, love to hear some feedback....