Friday, 7 November 2008

From the Warp update, and how I fell in love with greenstuff

by suneokun.

Tonight, Dev and I are running though the FtW Challenge playtesting, and I'm hopeful for a fruitful evening that'll highlight some serious handicaps... Additionally, I brought forward my rough rider plan, and the first model looks incredible.

I've also discovered something quite nice - I LOVE greenstuff. I mean - it's brilliant! I've been intimidated by it for years, it looks so tricky, but it's so easy to use, it molds so crisply and you can go back again and again to get the finish you're after.

As a pretty experienced oil painter, I have to say it's format is very similar. It appears to be the modelling equivilent to oil paints, drying slowly allowing you to practice and perfect your impressions and moldings - it's brilliant. And it seems to go on forever... one pack is letting me extensively change over 30 models - brilliant!

I have now 'bellied up' my Orgyrns, I've also been inspired by the Warhammer models I bought for the conversion ... more details to follow, but I am exceptionally pleased with the conversion that's appeared. As a conversion it's so simple and the finished article looks incredible.

Lets just say - mounted Commissar!

So I'm very excited about tonight, excited about modelling my cadian roughriders and I can't wait to get my fingers sticky again with greenstuff. The next part is to add additional details to the Orgyrn models (boots/straps/vietnam caps and chomping cigars!) and to finish the Rough Rider models, which will be now 9 rough riders and a carapaced, power sword commissar - great!