Monday, 24 November 2008

Update on the FtW Challenge

By suneokun

Oh wo and blunder... the gods of pestilence and disease have plunder the very creative talents from the pathfinder pantheon!

Just to update, Devilin and I were unable to have the "playtest" games two weeks ago as Tim's job (oh and a new baby boy!) had left him bereft of any energy on the Friday night. By Saturday night, I'd been cut down in my prime by the mightest of man0-flu's and was streaming from every orifice...

Subsequently thanks to baby being ill too, a lack of sleep/illness and workload (which has been mental!) has meant I haven't even wanted to think about spending a night battling Devilin's grammatical hordes! Getting me out of the house has been hard enough.

I have however gone slightly mad on the modelling front. Many snotty "night's in" have resulted in a glut of model construction. So further to the Ogryns and the remarkable rough riders, I have started plundering into the depths of the alien horde with a start on a box of Gaunts and conversions for our old gaunt, warrior and genestealers. I therefore have:
  • 40 Cadians
  • Leman Russ
  • 18 Gaunts and Hormagaunts
  • 8 Genstealers
  • 6 Ogryns
  • 10 Rough Riders (including the commissar)
  • 9 Tyranids Warriors to convert and paint
So I may be busy for a while as I am celebrated as the world slowest painter...

Meanwhile, Dev's got an entire Ork and Smurf army to get started on... fun!

What this all mean's is that the 'playtesting' of the scenario has gone remarkably remiss. This has meant that a lot of mental recalculation and small scale Nid's versus Guard testing will be done today and tomorrow for the completion for the 26th.

Never enough work!