Monday, 9 March 2009

Painting Warhammer with your kids ...

By Suneokun.

If you are a father like me, or nearly father (like half the blog-sphere) and haven't read them already, have a look at:
Further to Santa Cruz Warhammer's exceptional series of Warhammer posts about introducing his Daughter to Warhammer (to make Math fun ... honest?!?) and a sucessful game of W40k he just played between the 'silly' Orks and 'serious' space marines, I've been inspired to join in. My 17 month old daughter adores 'Daddy's little men.' and is very excited to play with them.

In the same way that Dog's can smell fear, toddler's can smell out exactly what you don't want them to play with and grab it immediately. Hence why you spend your time ringing your own mobile phone to try to find out which teddy it's been given to?!?

Her favourite model is a Tau Devilfish that I made for her (when I say her 'made for her', I actually really needed it to field the Tau pathfinders, and they're an essential unit, after all they're so flexible and give the collywobbles to all sort of opposition and ... thanks Crusher Joe, thanks a lot!) She loves the Devilfish as the doors open and the gundrones and driver are detachable and can be put in the boot (translation: trunk). Hours of fun... honest.

Anyhow, she's not quite up to dice rolling yet (they're chewy you see?) However, she does like to copy whatever her Dad's doing (building bases, building LEGO, lying on the sofa watching 'Monster Inc', eating chocolate - oh yes, I'm the man!) and painting models...

Here she is helping me out with my pesky Tyranid horde's paint job.

'Wow Daddy, you models aren't nearly as pretty as the one's I'm painting...'

She sat and did this with me for 30 minutes. Not bad, mini me!