Wednesday, 3 June 2009

BATREP: Apocalyse (reminder)

"Kill 'em Harker, Kill em all now!"

Just a quick note to say I've finally got around to posting the Battle Report of a huge Apocalyse battle we hammered out with many players (7) and many many point (23,000). Needless to say, the report is partisan, decidedly rude and completely ignores the tactical genius of those I played with in favour of my own sublime game play ... only kidding (no really I am!), bug thanks out to all the other players, looking forward to a Nid-fest Apoc battle this weekend.

Sorry if I missed any details ... CLICK HERE FOR APOC BATTLE REPORT

I've issued this twice as I have the bad habit of NOT updating the production date prior to publishing, resulting in a three week old report which misses all the updates and links - doh!