Monday, 22 June 2009

JUST FOR FUN: All quiet on the western front...

By Suneokun.

Work has been particularly frantic these last two weeks - so I haven't had a chance to post anything constructive. Thankfully, Ron at FtW hasn't forgot about the latest Commander's Field Handbook - for the Guard.

I've also gotta finish off the batrep from the awesome tyranid battle we undertook... so plenty to be getting on with.

I fact I haven't achieved much recently - no painting progress to report at all. Combination of brand new child and busy company conspire to ensure the greatest pleasure in life is a few hours in bed (asleep - dammit!).

I've also promised myself a new bit of 40k writing literature (would you really call it that?) before the end of the month...?!? But with a holiday looming (about 30mins from Drax's house) I'm looking forward to some quality time without a 'to do list'.

Still, If you want something done - ask someone busy! (But not Ron, as he's REALLY REALLY busy and you may be waiting a few weeks (read months) for the upshot! Only kidding...