Wednesday, 2 September 2009

"From the Warp" work...

By Suneokun.

FTW work 1: Varnishing and avoiding spoiling disasters...

First up, I feel I must explain my varnishing. Unlike most modellers, I'm still a bit fan on a gloss or satin finish on my models. After all, I'm not interested in entering painting tournaments with my mini's, they are generally their for my (and your) enjoyment.

Hence I like my mini's as bright and beautiful as possible. I also prefer them protected from the elements...

I'd tried out a series of gloss, satin and matt varnishes with varying effects and finishes. The problem I found was that 'matt' varnish would frequently darken, mist or obscure painting detail. Frequently I would end up with a bunch of dulled down models post varnishing.

The solution? While trying to track down cheap basing spray in my town, I stumbled into the local Wilkinsons and discovered the 'plastikote' range of enamel spray paints. A german company, a small tin puts me back about £2 and covers about 100 models. The advantage with the plastikote black for basing is that its truly matt and also 'finer' than equivilent acrylic (inc GW) sprays, leading to less 'glob' mistakes and less reliance on perfecting a spraying style to get an even cover.

The varnish is even better - effectively a 'clear' enamel paint the varnish brings out the acrylic colours beautifully, giving them a lustre and clarity that I've rarely seen.

It is however a 'glossy' finish - not everyones cup of tea!

FTW work #2: The Field Commander's Handbook - Guard.

Something stupendous fell into my intray this morning. As you may be aware, Ron over at FTW has been working with myself on a series of 'commander's handbooks' - play guide for use as a crib sheet for operating different armies.

Ron has done a stellar job completing both the original handbook - but also producing a beautifully crafted 'Orders' cribsheet. This original work by Ron really pushes the bar out for useful and creative tools... I only wish I'd thought of it first - hey hum!

The revised 'Field Commander's Handbook' for Guard can be found here for DOWNLOAD.

Ron's stupendous Orders Handbook can be found here for DOWNLOAD.

Check out Ron's Work at From the Warp's Download Section: HERE