Monday, 14 September 2009

Gaming, painting and a naming challenge!

By Suneokun


First a quick battle report update for the new 'merpeople planet of agarian hi-tech' campaign. To celebrate the release of the planetary empires set, my local GiftsforGeeks store has built a campaign based around the devious decisions of Jack 'The Stormbringer' (Surname unknown).

As such there are a total of 6 'teams', made up of either two 1000 pt armies or 1 uber army. They are as follows (Please note, all names apart from the first are invented, because it amused me...
  • "Apocalypse Tau": Double trouble, times two Tau force.
  • "300 (Thousand)": My Guard accompanying some spanking gold plated 'Spartan' marines by Paul.
  • "The Chaosmarine has Landed": Ant and Ross' Double trouble Chaosmarine force.
  • "The Dirty Dozen (x166.66)": Mark's Guard and Jack's Stormbringer Marines.
  • "Where Necrons Dare": Where are Necrons not infesting a planet ... Hutch brings the skellybobs.
  • "Full Metal WAAARRGGHHH!": Adam's Orks mass on the board.
Each split list must take one HQ and one troops choice each. They then divide up the FOC between themselves... the singular lists (Ork and Necron) play as normal. Each team gets to adopt a defensive list and an offensive list, which is fixed for the length of the tournament. At the end of each game, 2 units per team are selected by the opposition as player of the match and awarded 'campaign bonuses' from the W40k book. The victorious then grab clear terrain, the losers don't lose terrain yet.

300 (Thousand) Army list

I fielded a melta and plasma rich infantry platoon led by a 4 grenade launcher platoon command in a Chug, accompanied by a Primaris Psyker (yes that is 10 S6 shots at 24" a turn, and yes it was a surprise). The platoon included 6 mortars. Centrally, I took a lascannon and heavy bolter armed Demolisher (the 24" range was awesome as they HAD to come at me), a banewolf with extra armour and 6 rough riders playing counter assault.

My partner in crime, Paul, went for some serious assaulty elements including a terminator squad with chainfists and assault cannon, an assault squad and a buffed up command squad plus a Dreadnought and a single tactical squad.

Battle One Roundup

The Tau try (and fail) to storm the battle-line of two 'newer' codici.

Apocalypse Tau versus The Dirty Dozen (x166.66): Despite a valiant approach by the attacking Tau, the combination of the Guard numberless infantry in defense and some seriously good shooting by the Leman Russ kept the Tau at bay. Funniest moment: Two space marines manage to down a Hammerhead in close combat, but immolate themselves in the S3 flashback - doh!

Adam's Orks are just everywhere...

Full Metal WAAARRGGHHH! versus Where Necrons Dare: The Necrons defended valiantly, but Adams mounted Waaargh simply rolled over the Necrons, who phased out spectacularly. Moment to remember: Hutch's escaping 'I'll be back' necrons deepstrike mishap and scatter into the middle of Adam's Horde ... Gulp!

Despite some dramatic action, the Chaosmarine found themselves fighting a long way from the Guardsmen.

The Chaosmarine has Landed versus 300 (Thousand): Arriving late-ish didn't help... arriving late-ish without an army list proved crucial as the Chaos Marines found themselves on the receiving end of a counter attack from Paul's 300, backed up by a Chem-tank and Chimera. The Guardsmen held the battleline, but were largely uninvolved (only losing 2 guardsmen in total) ... to add insult to injury, the warp seemed to hate the Chaosmarine reserves and when they finally arrived a whole squad of Khornate Terminators AND a Chaos Sorceror managed to scatter separately to their deaths. Durability test: Chaos Marine Havocs survive over 40 hits from mortars ... losing only 2 men over multiple turns of fire...

Results: at the end of this, both Guard armies and the Orks were able to claim additional resources. All armies received a quick buff thanks to the vet rules... Paul gained scout for his tactical marines and I gained fearless for one mortar squad ... great? In addition, any commanders alive at the end of the game gained a bonus... My Primaris Psyker gained Feel No Pain - awesome!


I've completed both my Ogyrns AND a Tau Devilfish that have been 'nearing completion' for a couple of weeks. Like most painters, I tend to vary between models, but recently I've been starting lots of paintjobs based around whats required on the battlefield - hence the glut of half finished mini's.

The Devilfish has adopted a new paint scheme which is bolder than before. My 'pathfinder' devilfish has typical 'fuzzy' camoflague - whereas the new tank has a brighter, bolder design. I prefer it greatly and will carry it through to my Hammerheads/SkyRays.

The Ogyrns are a unit I have hardly ever fielded. The price of ogyrns terrifies me. Despite the T5 and 3 wounds, they're ten conscripts a model! I'm going to field them soon as they look great, the conversion is from the Warhammer Ogres (as if you couldn't guess) and I think works really well. It was my first outing with greenstuff, so the moldings a little shaky...


As part of my unit of Ogyrns, I couldn't resist designing a 'special character'. Since I had 6 Ogres anyhow and you usually just field five (leaving space in the Chimera for a Psyker/Commissar etc), I had fun with this fella. While I've got some ideas about his abilities and his weaponry, I'm really interested in seeing what you guys think he should have and how much he should cost, and most importantly - his name!

Basics: Ogyrn Bonehead with Carapace Armour, a heavy flamer and some sort of power weapon...

So I throw this wide open to you, what do you think he should be called, give me his stats and points and finally a cool name. Once we've got some options in, I'll open a poll for voting...

Plus, do you like him?