Monday, 28 September 2009

"Sooo ronery and sadry arone.." - W40k blog poll.

Do you too feel like Kim Il Jong? Well not barking mad with nukes ... but the ronely bit...?

Now I'm no expert, as can be attested to my last post. This battle report took some serious time to produce, including photo's, detailed accurate diagrams and pictures. It also included some pretty good Fluff hightlighting the apex of the exciting game ... And to top it all off, it was actually an audicious and surprising game that made most of the 'White Dwarf' ones look fairly pedestrian.

That said, when I posted on Friday - I did so with some concern. Despite all my work (and maybe because of it) it received not a comment over the weekend. Now I'm not the sort to place 'hit counters' on my pages - maybe I should, but I think the quality of my work is best reflected in the sort of comments it receives.

It is, after all, what we all do this all for.

So this got me a thinking. What do we blog about? What do we blog for? And what's effective or not so?

As such I've decided to put it all out as a bit of a poll. What do you enjoy reading... what sort of posts get your attention, do you ilike them short and quick or long and detailed:
  • Opinion Posts: Extolling aspects of play or talking about people, places, faces and races... includes RANTS.
  • Tactica's: Wanna know how to use hellhounds, chugs or mortars - I'm you man!
  • Photo Batrep's: A lot of work went into your enjoyment.
  • Video Batrep's: Fritz is the king here.
  • No photo, no video batreps ... just a splurge, list and description. Can be good depending on writing style.
  • 'Show off' posts: Check my beautiful photographs of my lush model - yeah!
  • WIP posts: Wanna build Sarpedon outta Tyranid bits ... see here.
  • Conversions: the completed article in an article.
  • How to guides: usually building by numbers or painting tricks...
  • Book reviews: these sometimes surface.
  • Character creation: I've built a 'stands as' model - come see!
So what gets you hot under the collar and what floats your boat ... check the poll in the top right. It's a 'multiple choice' poll - which should give us some varied results.

Remember to pass the poll on ... the more 40k bloggers who contribute the 'truer' the results will be.

As always - comment below... "I'm so ronery and sadry arone..."