Friday, 18 September 2009

When is an Ogyrn an Ogre-in? GW Pronounciation Problems Solved

Name that Ogyrn: go here to take part!

First question: how do you pronounced Ogyrn?

Is it 'Or-groin' or 'Ogre-in' or 'Og-girn'? Or another version..?

In Japanese it would get particularly confusing. A quick search on the interweb later and I have the official response. By selecting 'Japanese' as my identity on the GW website, I've traversed through and therefore found the following link: which might make you smile.

It appears that the Japanese have downloadable version of all the codici in PDF format ... how obliging of GW. More importantly if you happen to download this PDF, you have the complete army list.

Luckily for me, I speak fluent Japanese, and have a passable reading skills. The reason why this is important is that Japanese is majoritively a 'phonetic' language. This means that the way GW translates Ogyrn etc in Japanese tells us exactly how it 'should' be pronounced - according to GW...

Therefore I pronounce the following:
  • Ogyrn: O-Gu-RIN - ie: O'grin.
  • Lasgun: RA-Su-GAN - 'lahsgun' (not lays-gun)
  • Leman Russ: RE-MAN RASU - Layman Russ (Not Leeman Russ)
  • Chimera: KI-ME-RA - ki'mera (not Kai'mera - which is weird!)
Now the above isn't fullproof, since some sounds (like V) don't exist in Japanese and others (like L and R) are the same sound in Japanese - I was in Japan in 1997, and this led to many 'hilarious' questions about 'Tony Brairs Erection' - honest!

This is just from the Imperial Guard list ... if you have any other 'pronounciation' questions for Eldar, Tau or Orks - just give me a shout.