Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Pathfinder "Potboilers" - A concept in the making

(which isn't really that new, but it's new to me ... ummm ... you get the point!)

As readers of the pathfinder blog will be aware, I'm a keen and budding writer. Now, under the aucsipes of the pathfinder brand, I've produced one or two short stories along the way ... typically, these works are all about the 40k universe and a bit straight off the bat. For example:
  • Staff Sergeant Hagard Munk: a brief story introducing a crafty new character ... a nasty veteran NCO who leads the Kochi 20th, with a sadistic streak and the habit of saying the wrong thing at the right time ... with the right results. "You watch yourself boy, 'cause I ain't nice. I'm a nasty piece of work and I fight dirty and I win. You want my pipe, I'd give you better odds with the Tyranid." - Go HERE for more.
  • Snow Patrol Part 1: Introducing Corporal Geffin and his troop of undesirables. The Kochi 'regulars' are a confrontational bunch and not a patch on the 'irregulars' ... but can Geffin get them through the patrol? "Yah well, Toftsk only desire is for your pins and he don't care how we gets it. He thinks chipping away at your feelings gonna make you crack. He also think we others want him for a corporal. I think he gonna be sorry how wrong he is, soon enough, soon enough." Again the deep chuckle jumped about Granthem throat. Geffin smiled at the trooper. See more HERE.
  • Snow Patrol Part 2: We learn more about Corporal Geffin ... while out in the cold, Corporal Darl Hammound is not having a good day at all. "Darl Hammound couldn't actually feel the kroot blade buried in his guts. At least until it was twisted by the Kroot carnivore holding it. The corporal writhed beneath the pain as his hands pushed limply at the stock of the hunting rifles. Squinting up at the figure above him, a part of his reeling brain couldn't help but respond to the sheer xenotic quality of the alien above him." Read more HERE.
  • Snow Patrol Part 3: Geffin investigates the abandoned outpost, as his squad are ambushed from above. "A lean black shadow dropped down behind its convulsing vistim. With a lightning flick it jerked the sticky blade out of Penroses head. There was a wet pop as the blade came free, and a spray of compressed blood. Penroses body piroetted slowly and slumped head first at the feet of his killer, his dead face craking loudly against the trunk of the tree." Follow the exploits of Geffins Patrol HERE.

A blog based largely around the creation of great stories and artwork. The idea is to use this forum as a spur for me to create more writing, more regularly. Its also (obviously) a showcase to publish my work and get some feedback from you all out there in blogland.

My ambition is to produce:
  • One finished 'Chapter' a fortnight.
  • A Chapter comprises approximately 3500 words
  • To serialise the work into PDF books for user download
  • To Draft work inbetween to garner feedback
  • To improve my writing
  • To increase my volume of production
  • To produce artwork to inspire and activate the old brain-box
  • To collaborate with others
The planned launch date is for January 2010 With the first 3500 word release aimed for the end of January.


So what do you think ... feel free to have a perusal of the blogs above and let me know if you'd like to contribute. If you have thoughts already, or would like to give feedback ... please feel free. Do you have a suggestion over a topic or concept that you'd like to see written, let me know.