Friday, 6 November 2009

Taking Down a Seer Council - err, how?

Fritz' Way of Saim Hann Seer Council ... leading the way to munching my guardsmen.

The Eldar Seer council is a particularly nasty option for guardsmen. The unit (once fortuned up) has an 88% save against most things and a 75% invulnerable save. To add to this, the S9 antitank options available to the Seer Council of Witchblades and/or Singing Spears means that you have a fast, S9 assault unit OR a fast S9 24" (12" move plus 12" shooting) tank killer unit.

This is bad news for ALL tanks AND transports as the unit is purpose built for moving up, popping the transport and then chopping up the inhabitants.

The Eldar have another trick up their sleeve though - destructor. This is basically a heavy flamer at S5 and AP4. Did I mention that each warlock can take this and assault fire ... this means that guardsmen plus commissar doompits will take horrific numbers of wounds even before combat is joined. 5 Warlocks spitting destructor would kill 25 odd guardsmen.

Oh and the obvious combo is doom for the farseer. This means that the farseer can ensure absolute killiness on every guardsman in the enemies force.

So what on earth do I do about this.

I don't have lots of 3+ armour options in my army, let alone 2+. My main strengths are my tanks (which the witchblades/singing spear mock) and my hordes (which destructor will LOL at repeatedly) ... so how do I take down this horrible unit...?


However I do it I need to work out soon. The fact of the matter is that after my overblown hyperbole in our last battle, Ant has every right to give me a damn good spanking. So in just over two weeks we face up against eachother.

I'm developing a 'cunning plan' phaze 2 ... but I'll need your help. So does anyone have any ideas??

Help me Obi-wan (and all that jazz) ...?!?