Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Codex Tyranids Models - Lovely New Gribblies!

Image Curtosy of GW ... gribble gribble
I've just got the email from GW for the following, and Oh my God, I'm going to be bankrupt!

Ravenors: Click Here
First Impression: They better be seriously buffed from the last codex or they'll never shift on a £27 for three pricetag. I'm not too sure on the model as it looks like a Tyranid Warrior with a tail...

Trygon: Click Here
First Impression: We all know of the Trygon, and I can't see any big changes from the IA books. Great options, not overly tough, mainly points balance will se this guy bought ... but I'm intrigued by the...

MawLoc: Click Here
First Impression: What's this? A predator mated with an Alien and took growth hormones. In the speil it states "Eats things" ... nice. For £30, depending on statline - I want one.

Pyrovore: Click Here
First Impression: Looks like the Biovore took a meaty upgrade... nice agressive looking model for a artillery unit! It better be good if you're choosing these over Carnifi/Trygons etc.
Venomthrope: Click Here
First Impression: Malanthrope/Venomthrope - yep... looks like the Venomthrope combines some awesome antiinfantry close combat with a unit hiding spore effect... depending on rules, this could be an essential at £20.

Tyrant Hive Guard: Click Here
First Impression: Who gave that Hive Guard a gun... impaler cannon... looks interesting and would be a real asset alongside a 'gun toting' Tyrant. Something to keep the vehicle out of LoS methinks. And the cannon can shoot indirect?? Nice!
Gargoyles: Click Here
First Impression: Thank GOD for that. Metal gargoyles was a literal lead baloon. Nice neat model although pricey when compared to the Gaunts. It should be noted that Gaunts are going up (ish) to £15 for 12 (instead of the previous £16 for 16)

Finally the biggest shocker...

In the GW email it actually states that Hormagaunts will be half the points cost of the last codex... 5 points each for a 24" charging choppy nasty thing ... expect a major nerf though...

Now £15 for 12. See here.