Wednesday, 9 December 2009

GiftsforGeeks Tournament Update (Dec)

The Geeks all got together for another round of the tournament with the following head offs...

Where Necrons Dare V The Dirty Dozen: Mark and Jack's combination of a FNP Smurf Biker Horde and Marks Guards nasty uber command unit of hero's, 2 Vendettas and 2 Basilisks was like a bad dream for the necrons. In spite of some great shooting rolls by Hutch, the necrons got rolled by the Marine/Guard combo thanks to a lack of power weapons or instantkill shots.

Moment of note: Jack manages to elbow Marks Vendettas off the table and spins one across the floor ... the vendetta is unharmed although the autoejectmust have triggered as the canopy came off.

The Chaosmarine has Landed V Apocalypse Tau: Predictably bloody, I didn't stay for the end ... but the Chaos boys had a 200 points of extra nastiness (thanks to planetstrike). Ant's save rolling skills were put to the test as Dustin and Spence's Tau pummelled the encroaching deamons and marines with Plasmarifle and pulse fire... Despite this I had to leave before the end ... and so ask Anton to fill us in? Who won?

Moment of Note: Anton rolls 7 saves of 5+ on his deamons... Nice.

300 (Thousand) V Full Metal Waargh: Orks aren't designed for defending. In this case the planetstrike proved pointless as we hit nothing (despite 14 firestorm shots)... The Guard arrived on mass turn one and the Roughriders were picked off quickly. The mortars were targetted by Adam's counter attack and the S6 arsenal (Primaris Psyker/Hellhound/Grenades/Multilasers) proved too much for the Deffkoptas. The Guard managed to deny/defuse the exterior forces while the Space marines cracked open the Fortress of night (?!?) innit and proceeded to massacre over 60 orks over three turns. For 'cunning plan' reasons, Adam's Warboss in a Battlewagon spent the whole battle hiding at the back of the field...

5 objectives captured to two left empty ... demonstrable victory.

Moment of Note: many, many. An assault cannon achieve rending hits on all four shots needs mention. The Chimera behind the hellhound immobilising the hellhound (doh!). The mortar pinging every truck in range and the Primaris Psyker shooting up 8 shots a turn of S6 goodness.


At this stage the two Guard/Smurf armies are demonstrably ahead... so much so that they look like they could just wipe the Xenos from the face of the planet. The Chaos Lords are doing better, and the Tau struggle on and the Necron and Orks become the whipping boys of the group... and yet there's a glint of a plan in Adam and Hutch's eye.

Next up, my team face off against the other Guard/Smurf unit in an open battle. It'll be Chimera armour infantry versus Vendettas (eek!) and Terminators/Assault marines versus biker horde (double eeek!) - it'll be close.