Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Quick Painting Update

Work's very hectic at the moment ... hence why there's still a great deal of excitement brewing over the Saim Hann battle report upcoming. Once I get five minutes I'll commit the battle to blog and the result will be told.

In the mean time, I have managed to shuffle out 13 Hormagaunts and 3 Termagaunts from the painting process. The growth of the Devlan Mud continues, with the painting process shortened to 5 stages before varnishing:
  • Red Gore/Shadow Grey mix 'purple' armour
  • Shadow Grey skin
  • Elf Flesh bone blades/hooves/teeth/tongue (Some models have red gore tongues)
  • Devlan Wash
  • Blue/Purple highlight
Keeping it (reasonably) short, I can push out 16 models over 2-3 nights. The Devlan seriously reduces the paint time and the difference in final quality is negligable.

To keep things interesting, I'm approaching the 10 remaining firewarriors next and then it's on to the Commissar Lord with powerfist giving his sermon on the mount (I had to get him, just love the model)...

I've been looking over Christmas Ideas and been considering the value of the Vanquisher turrets from Forgeworld ... does anyone have experience. 2D6 + 8 penetration feels pretty good... Any thoughts? Also, are griffons worth the £35 buy, when I can pick up a bassie for £20?