Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tabletop antics

Long time no post, bah humbug - I've been busy!

Cromwell on a bridge
After spending far too much time off the tabletop I've decided on taking another tactic back into wargaming...

News about the Tau and Chaos Legions releases are the first to get me excited since the Imperial Guard release (Tyranids was a real let down for me... and part of the reason that I put down 40k).  Infinity is still one of the coolest game systems around, but I lack someone at 'my level' to practice against and keep getting mullered over rudimentary mistakes.

Infinity is not 'noob' friendly.

The other problem (you may have noticed), is the World of Tanks has been taking a hefty chunk out of my spending and time and is a joy to play.  It's renewed my love of WW2 Tanks (Planes being a close second) and I love it.  It does however bite in heavily on the 'modelling time', hence why the WIP Terminator Blackheart and Abbaddon are still sitting on the shelf.

Gracing my local gaming store after a six month gap, I learnt that they are starting into Flames of War.  Now I don't know about you, but the only way a boy could get his hands on cool looking tanks and halftracks as a boy was to either build them out of LEGO or build them out of sprue based airfix kits.  As such, I've always had a adoring eye for the WW2 tanks and vehicles and Flames of War seems to neatly segway between my WoT life and my Wargaming Life.  A starter set (with 2 Stugs and 3 Shermans) and a cheapo box of 5 T-34/85's later and I'm good to go.

I've devoured the rules and am now looking for a game to get me started.  Plus the tanks take like 2 minutes to build (even with the 'help' of my enthusiastic 2 year old son).

Pure win.  Until Codex Tau steals my heart, and my wallet!
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