Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Suneokun's gone all Soviet!

Genius Picture ... could apply to the world now (with all those bankers at the table)!
Being chewing through the Flames of War rules and books and have chosen my preference of army.

Soviet ... USSR ... Ruskies - gotta be!

It's also the only army where I can use both the Sherman's (as Lend-lease Emcha's) and the Stugs (as crafty decoy spetnaz platoons!) from my open fire starter kit.

So what approach should I take.  Should I flood the field with T34's, using the wickedly fast and still challenging T34-76's in conjunction with the T34-85 boom gun?  Backed up by IS2's, Stug decoys and some Sherman tanks?

But there's a whole other issue - which is the infantry?  Infantry get a lot of benefits to compensate for their lack of straight up armour.  For example, infantry get a 3+ save most of the time.  This means that killing 'blokes' is actually a lot harder then expected and fairly realistic.  In bullet proof cover, most weapons only hit on a 6... making the paltry 3+ a bunker gives in 40k look as unrealistic as it is.

It's my first battle tonight, and I'm sure I've digested half the rules backwards ... but I'm very excited about this game ... it kinda makes sense, is exciting becuase it has 'real' tanks, arty, tank hunters, and proper tactical stuff.

I'm sure they'll be a glaring flaw somewhere along the road ... but I'm loving it.

As a sideline, both my kids are also loving the 'little tanks' as well.  The plastics are easy enough that both my kids have been building them with me.  Very exciting!
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