Monday, 28 November 2011

Tanker Tim the Troll
Further to the previous post, I got tired of the constant negative comments from our lovely 'Tim'.  He may be a ex-tanker, he may be correct about the 88 on a tiger not being the same as the 88 on a panther (does anyone else really care?), but he got it wrong about multiple stuff, slagged off a whole article and then went into a stupid pitch about how he's the grown up and I'm not ... hmmm.

I think he needs to work out how to behave on the internet.  This is what he really meant to write:

I love this article, the pictures are great and Bovington looks amazing, kudos for taking your family there!  I'm a tank veteran and worked in Scorpions in the 80's and I've got some corrections for the article (pedantic I know, but forgive me).  I think you meant to say that the Panther took it's inspiration from the T34, not the T34/85.  The Tiger has a different 88mm to the Panther (although their performance was still very similar) and the Scorpion Tank was originally designed for recon, although I'm sure its role is changing.  Apologies for the criticism, but it's all in the detail.

That's how you write a comment on someone's blog.  It's got content, context and manners.

Anyway, I got so bored by his continued comments - I put him in the bin. I don't have the time to waste on someone who thinks differing between 2 forms of 88mm gun is really important.  And five long comments later - he really was a time waster.

If you're reading this Tim.  Learn.  You seem like you could be a really interesting guy, you may be an ex-tanker, and 'all due respect', you're also a wanker.

PS: No disrespect meant, but sounding off about being a veteran tanker would sound kinda cooler is you weren't Canadian.  I mean, they must do lots of drills and international competitions and well ... maybe Tankfest.  I'm sure they're really hardcore and stuff, but I'm also not aware of any North American land wars recently?!?
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