Thursday, 21 April 2011

Piratey Links ...

Apologies everyone ... gabbling on about this great new game (and it was new - the official launch WAS at Salute 2011 - where I did seen it and everything!), and I've got everyone asking where to find it ... Come on, follow me:

The website is Black Scorpion Miniatures

and a dedicated bit to Cutlass (including pages from the gorgeous playbook!)

Gav Thorpe bloggles along about his very very cool rules at Mechanical Hamster

Here's the FORUM as well (which I'm all over like an overeager rash at the moment!)

The models are stunning and VERY good value for money... I'll get my first game in soon - or Anton will!

Undead Pirates are cool, aren't they?

So further updates to follow!

Go and say hello to Adam Clarke on the forum, pirate name "Mirlo", but nickname "Nobby" - no really, he loves it!
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