Wednesday, 20 April 2011

First "Stab" at a Cutlass gang!

Privateers ($500)

Alike to infinity, keeping the Captain (or the Lt in Infinity) is essential to the gameplan and winning. As such I've devised the following setup!

* Jean "la pistoller" Bapiste - Captain, brace of duelling pistols, powder monkey, 2 daggers ($120)
* "Chevallier" Dupre - Seasoned Hand, Musket, cutlass, dagger ($74)
* Marcus "de Inde" Fermat - Seasoned Hand, Musket, cutlass, dagger ($74)
* Lemarck "la Boucher" - Mariner, 2 cutlass, pistol ($58)
* "Milord" Merci - Mariner, cutlass, dagger, pistol ($58)
* Olivier "Perroquet" - Mariner, cutlass, dagger, pistol ($58)
* Claude la Chauve - Mariner, cutlass, dagger, pistol ($58)

From left to right: Chevalier, Captain "Pistoller", Milord Merci and Marcus De Inde

The Captain is designed as a mid range wounder, backed up by two seasoned hands with muskets. The Captain can move and reload for just one activation, making him particularly dangerous. With a brace of duelling pistols, he can roll 2D8's (or 1 D10) at 12" - enough to seriously wound most, alternatively he'll ping 2D6 against opponents in cover. His two daggers score 3D (choose highest) on the Combat roll. Although he lacks a parry, the mini doesn't have a sword, so this seemed to fit. Given some XP and plunder, the worthy addition of a blunderbuss or lucky charm could come in handy.

From left to right: Claude la Chauve, Olivier Perroquet and two spare models...

The seasoned hands can bring solid long range fire at D6 to hit (D4 if target in cover, which ain't so great!). They are really there to support the Captain and cover the approach of the mariners, in future they could be given grenades and an additional brace of pistols - plus more powder monkeys would be nice...

Lemarck "la boucher"

The mariner with 2 cutlasses gets a bonus on parry over the others (Mad Jim Jones), while the others have either 3D6 attack (+1 for a second weapon, +1 for the dagger) OR 2D6 attack and 2D6 damage. I'll use their choice depending on the opponent. They can all parry as well. Upgrading them to a brace of pistols in future may be an option, although at their skill level it's unlikely to help... Mariner's roll a D8 in combat - which is better than even the Captain or the Seasoned Hands ... as such I've played a hard core group of toughened fighter supported by some fair shots with some redundancy built in.

My first game is now delayed (boo, hiss) as this weeks just gone mad.
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