Thursday, 28 April 2011

When 40k plays like a "Doh", or how I might retire my Tyranids.

3 weeks of expectation built into a frustrating game last night for me. Which is a shame as the guys in Narborough are top and the hospitality was second to none. It was Nids and Necrons versus Orks and WorldEaters in a slugfest.

Prime with Lash Whip and Bone Sword (95)
Trvigon, Adrenally Tox'd with Catalyst (195)
Hive Guard x 2 (100)
Ymgarls x 7 (161)
Zoanthrope x 2 in pod (160)
Hormagaunts tox'd x 12 (96)
Hormagaunts tox'd x 11 (88)
Genestealers tox'd x 6 (102)
Genestealers tox'd x 6 (102)
Trygons x 2 (400)

The tactic for us Nids, get in there and eat something - it didn't go well!?!

My tox'd hormagaunts bounced off everything, killing the odd model - but nothing stuck. All three genestealer units (2xtox'd and 1 Ymgarl) all got into combat and killed next to nothing. The Ymgarls did the best, winning two rounds of combat against generic Deamons before getting punk'd after turning up turn 4.

My Tervigon managed to 'poop out' on a double on the first turn and then got mullered by a lone Ork biker Nob (I thought I might actually win that combat!), my Trygon got 'fearless' punk'd with 9 Fearless wounds when multicharged with hormagaunts... my other Trygon got wooped by two ram hungry deathroller orks and still struggled on until last turn.

My Prime escorted the Hive Guard on the board and then got jumped by a warboss. He killed 4 Bikers before getting punk'd by the Claw.

Only Hutch's Necrons played well - winning combats against Orks, performing funky moves and making the day tricky. Looking at my current list, there's little synergy. While the loss of the Parasite and the Hormagaunts is little to no loss ... I lack supporting models.

So what could I take that would have made the difference. Well from inside my collection, there are two units that could have helped:
  • Parasite: nope, spend so much time avoiding powerclaws/fists he wouldn't have come to visit.
  • Gargoyles: ditto, Termagaunts without a cover save.
  • Broodlord: I decided against, but he may well have swung it with his 'hypnotic gaze'.
  • Spore Mines: tactically tricky, but I'm not sure.
  • Lictor: Powerclaw chump.
  • RipperSwarms: Meat on the way in really, but lots and lots of attacks.
So what would have worked better, and what haven't I got?
  • I have to work better in synergy, I'm sending in too many 'units' into close combat alone. I need to be dominating the close combat and overwelming the opponent - as I'm far too vulnerable to getting killed once my initiative is done.
  • Venomthropes ... I don't love them and I don't own any, but I can see their utility ... a small 2 man (?) venom unit gives a lot of anti-charge and anti-close combat options for just 110pts.
  • Termagaunt 'dakka' unit. A huge unit of Devilgaunts would have brought some significant pain to those orks. 60 s4 shots ... worth considering.
  • Tervigon 2: Yes, Venomthropes, 2 Tervigons and 2 Trygons - sounds like a Fritz List! But it's a proven approach and the combination of FNP, 5+ cover save and anti-charge options are tasty.
  • Tyrant: Although for durability he should have 2 guards and be the swarmlord ... he tactically brings me the best options.
So what do I do with my drunken Tyranids. Although the game wasn't fun, it clearly demonstrates what I've known for a while. Guard, Tau and Chaos Marines can take a 'fun', unWAAC list and still perform well - thanks to their natural 'synergy' of units (and my greater experience with them).

I am still yet to win a game with Nids ... which has got to be more about my lack of XP combined with a lack of practice in running a list that rocks. So my thoughts are as follows:

  • Prime, Lash Whip and Bonesword 95
  • Tervigon (HQ), Adrenal tox'd, Catalyst 195
  • Venomthropes x2 110
  • Hive Guard x2 100
  • Tervigon (troops), Adrenal tox'd, Catalyst 195
  • Termagaunts (10) 50
  • Genestealers (9 tox'd) 170
  • Genestealers (9 tox'd) 170
  • Trygon with Regen (225)
  • Trygon with Regen (225)
Total 1501. The Venoms are key and 'hide' behind something big. The Tervigons advance - pooping Gaunts as the Trygons get FNP and everybody gets a 5+ cover save. I'm gonna give them one more go with this list. Proxing the Zoanthropes for Venoms and borrowing a Greater Deamon as a spare Tervigon. We'll see if we can't make this army work (eventually...)
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