Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Thoughts on the new Tau FAQ

Come see it here, interesting clarifications...
  1. Piranha's can no longer "Buy one disruption pod, get one free." NERF.
  2. Target priority ... well thank goodness for that, target lock Sergeant shoots who he wants.
  3. Markerdrones can't move and fire. Last time I checked, drones have jetpacks, jetpacks allow relentless ... so this seems counterintuitive?
  4. Seeker Missiles are getting better and better. They are now confirmed to ignore all cover except area terrain (for units) and 'special items' for vehicles. So a vehicle can only ever gain a 4+ cover save if you bought the upgrade ... that's nice! SkyRay's FTW!
  5. Markerlights can totally negate pinning leadership OR saving throws ... how can you argue otherwise?
  6. Gundrones don't benefit from markerlights on their vehicle - well no, doh, course not!
  7. Detached gundrones are units and can contest and give away killpoints.
  8. Undetached gundrones (say that three times with a mouthful of mouthwash!) DO NOT, but are destroyed with the vehicle.
  9. Gundrones have leadership 7 and can disembark as if on an open top vehicle (ie anywhere within 2")
  10. Bodyguards/Honour guards are retinue as specified in the 40k rulebook.
  11. Some Ethereal and Sniper Drone clarifications ... but who takes them?
Overall this is GOOD news for the Tau. Seeker Missiles (alongside missile launchers in general) are seeing a resurgence and from XP, they rock. That whole move 12" and shoot everything is very very nice! The rise of light mech (Rhino, Chugs, Orks, DEldar and Razorbacks, Valks/Vends and Hellhounds) over AV14 monsters make seekers a positive choice, especially when they automatically ignore all cover for vehicles. Don't forget that SMOKE, disruption pods or DEldar cheating WILL still apply. But ... awesome!

The main win is obviously on gundrones. The clarification puts the choice in the Tau players hand, I can 'keep' the drones on board to consolidate killpoints, or I can drop a Drone Horde from Piranha's to contest. Very nice.
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