Wednesday, 13 April 2011

BlogWars - another 1750 list

I'm doing some serious thinking on what sort of list I want to take to Blogwars in July. My thinking is this ... I'll keep posting up a list every so often, and when I feel I've achieved a critical mass ... I'll run a vote. Sounds fun, nope - but it'll help me out - so that's what's important.

Anyhow, here's my second attempt at 1750pts. You can see my first attempt here.
  • HQ: Command HQ with Regi-banner and Officer of the fleet (yes, that simple) @95pts
  • HQ: Commissar Lord with Powerfist @ 85pts
  • Elites: Marbo @ 65pts
  • Troops: Infantry Command with 4 Grenade Launchers and a Ryanair Chimera (no frills) @ 105pts
  • Troops: 2 x Lascannon, power weapon squads with a commissar escort @ 205pts
  • Troops: 5 x 3 Mortar Teams @ 300pts
  • Troops: Infantry Command with 4 Grenade Launchers and a Ryanair Chimera (no frills) @ 105pts
  • Troops: 2 x Lascannon, power weapon squads with no commissar escort @ 160pts
  • Troops: Special Weapon Squad with 3 flamers @ 50pts
  • Fast Attack: 3 Scout Sentinels with Lascannons @ 150pts
  • Fast Attack: 5 Rough Riders with a meltabomb @ 60pts
  • Fast Attack: Devildog with heavy flamer, smoke and x-armour @ 140pts
  • Heavy Support: Leman Russ Battle Tank, commanded by Pask with 3 Heavy Bolters and a heavy stubber @ 230pts
Concepts: The addition of the Leman Russ with Pask, albeit pricey, gives me a S9 Ordnance Tank killer at 60". This also includes 9 S6 (against vehicle) shots, which should produce enough glances on a AV12 vehicle to take them out. Against MC's, that brings a steady 4-5 wounds on even a T6 MC, which is respectable. Pask can then turn his beady eye on all the others, and lend a hand in taking out the troops.

The Devildog is a bit of an experiment, as I've found it to be a versatile tank in the past against multiple opponents. It's equally at home killing tanks as killing Terminators... and if nothing else, should prove a frustrating unit to bring down. The other variants are well crafted to either anti-GeQ or anti-MeQ, but useless at the other ... hence my choice as the devildog CAN do a little of both.

I opted for three Scout Sentinels rather than 2 Armoured ones. Firstly because it gives me more options in either standing back and hiding behind the Russ, or flanking. Secondly because 3 shots are better than two...

I've opted to reduce the numbers of lascannons and autocannons. The blobs were just a bit too unwieldy. With 20 odd models and 9 power weapon attacks a turn ... they should be painful enough to make attacking twice a mistake. Instead, I've upped the amount of anti-tank mech while keeping tank numbers to four. The Ryanairs are really there as I've found the 4GL unit to be a vertsatile one, offering both anti light-mech and solid move and fire anti-troop shots.

The Command HQ is exactly that, a command HQ. Offering Orders, Regimental rerolls and limiting flanking. Drax would approve.

I've also included a Commissar Lord ... this is mainly for tank shocking or other 'OMG' moments in the back field. His Ld10 bubble should come in handy...
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