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Staff Sergeant Hagard Munk

Independent Character - Staff Sergeant Hagard Munk

"You watch yourself boy, 'cause I ain't nice. I'm a nasty piece of work and I fight dirty and I win. You want my pipe, I'd give you better odds with the Tyranid."
Staff Sergeant Hagard Munk, prior to the securing of Tau Hill.

Background: Staff Sergeant Hagard Munk is a drill Sergeant and senior NCO of the Kochi 20th Light Infantry. Among the recruits he is a monster, to the veterans of the Kochi elite forces - he is a legend. Munk's background is vague, he came to Kochi as a child, the son of a mechanicus worker who came to work the crystal workshops of Kochi's 'Citadel'.  On coming of age Munk was accepted in to the Kochi Regulars PDF defense force.  He first came to the attention of his superiors during the cleansing of hive cluster three.  Still a Kochi conscript, or 'white blade', he led his fellow conscripts into a charge against the corrupt Servitor-Lord Tefkur.  Despite the losses of two thirds of the white blades corps, Munk carried the day and personally assisted Commissar Albrecht in torching the insane Techpriest Enginseer within his corrupted lair.

On the recommendation of Albrecht, Munk was fast-tracked to training with the Kochi Irregulars; the elite Veteran and Grenadier section.  His performance merited far above normal and further to physical tests and mental scrutiny, he was given his first command as a senior NCO.  The Kochi 20th Light Infantry Regiment were identified and allocated to help defend the Alliance Mining Sector under Adeptus command.  Munk's platoon was involved in the isolation and destruction of the Mining Sector Hive Node, further accolades were given in Munk's intelligent handling of the grenadier auxiliaries after the senior command squad was lost during the spook hunt for lictors within the Hive.  Further to this situation, Munk was given battlefield command of the Company.  Munk's rise in authority and stature rose inordinately until a political confrontation on Alliance Node #4.  Munk, in his usual bluff manner had taken command of the failing command structure and secured the evacuation of over four hundred men from the asteroid cluster. This was done, in spite of the inadequate command of the local PDF classed forces.  In revenge for the perceived slur, Commander Jennie deadlocked over one hundred men, without support or rearming in front of the Genestealer horde.  Needlessly condemning them to their deaths for no strategic advantage.

Following this, Munk challenged the Commander and in the ensuing fracar, killed the offending officer.  Following this action, the local PDF hierarchy demanded Hagard Munk's immediate court marshall and execution.  The Adeptus Mechanicus were less easily swayed, and made a demand of Munk.  Win back the asteroid, or consider yourself at their mercy.  After Munk's previous actions on behalf of the PDF forces, they willingly volunteered to assist the spearhead Kochi elite forces.  Thanks to Munks enlightened tactics and near prescient command, losses were realised at less than half the predicted amounts.  The asteroid was cleared to the price of 312 guard and 38 veteran grenadiers.  During this assault, Munk famously led the charge that defeated the Tyranid hive cluster of warriors and reclaimed the Mechnicus asteroid.  Pulling his Kochi dagger from his scabbard, he sawed a knuckle from the beast's claw, later he fashioned a pipe from the stiffened giant digit.

With such an exemplary officer and asset on their hands, the Adeptus was little inclined to accede to the Imperial Guard high command. However, while Munk fought the locale Imperial command became more vociferous.  Caught between the Adeptus Mechanicus loyalties and the Ministorum ultimatums the Kochi Command compromised.  Munk was heavily court marshaled, stripped of his officer status as Lieutenant-Colonel and given the little used title of Staff Sergeant.  Under an official cloud, but with the unofficial recognition of his respected seniors, Munk was transported back to Kochi VI, the new head of the Citadel Barracks and overseer of Irregular training.

Kochi had protected its own.

Statistics: Staff Sergeant Hagard Munk

Pts  WS BS S    T W I A Ld Sv
Munk    85 4 5 3(4) 3 3 4 3 10 4+

Any Imperial Army over 1,000 points may include Staff Sergeant Hagard Munk. If you take him he counts as one of your HQ choices. He must be used exactly as described below, and may not be given any additional equipment.

Wargear: Twin 'Carver' Hellpistols, Carapace Armour, trademark item (pipe and tabac), frag and krak grenades.

Twin Carver Hellpistols: Hagard Munk's master crafted twin 'carver' hellpistols have been modified by techpriest adepts on Kochi VI to produce a more lethal cut. As such they fire like a twin linked weapon but are +1 strength over a normal hellpistol. The carver hellpistols also count as an additional weapon in close combat and transfer a +1 strength advantage (stat included).
Trademark Item: Hagard Munk's Pipe and Tabac are carried by the perpetually frantic Private August 'twitcher' Reynolds. Reynolds carries Munk's Pipe, Tabac and trusted Meltagun "Blue Peter". See Reynolds stats below.
Leader: Any unit within 12" of Munk can use Munk's Ld characteristic for leadership and pinning tests.
Summary Execution: Kochi NCO's make Commissars look like pushovers. If any unit that Munk is attached to fail a leadership test, Munk will execute the officer to keep ranks.

Pts WS BS S T I A Ld Sv
Reynolds  - 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 6 5+

Wargear: Meltagun "Blue Peter", flak armour, trademark item (Munk's pipe and tabac), flak armour, frag grenades.

Bodyguard: If within 2" of Munk, then Reynolds may change places with him at the start of either player's Assault phase. He will then fight Munk's opponents and Munk will fight his (if any).
Reynolds Dies: If Reynolds dies, the advantage of the 'trademark item' is lost. The unit must take a pinning test immediately against Munk's leadership. If failed Munk is too busy trying to find his pipe (and kicking Reynolds corpse for dropping them).

Potential model option for Staff Sergeant Hagard Munk, shame he's got no legs!

“Reynolds , you are a nosy son of a moll, and a molls get gets a molls role, you get me?” Blank apprehension replied in the negative. “You’ve earned the exclusive right to carry my standard and particulars. Now hand me your rifle.” Reynolds reluctantly unslung his rifle. Under the NCO’s piercing glare he passed the weapon across. “Now put out your hands.” Whispered Munk.

Into Reynolds left hand Munk placed a small tin box the size of a las-cartridge. Into his other hand he pushed the gnarled rouge pipe. The brass mouthpiece was smooth and chill against his hand and the Tyranid flesh rasped on his palm. Thick purple porcine hairs jabbed into his flesh and made his hackles rise.

“That there’s my pipe and tabac. Drop my tabac and I’ll take your hand.” He laughed and slapped Reynolds on his thick arm. “Before you go putting those things in your pack. They ain’t yours, their mine. You just carrying them for me. They stay in your hands and you stay with me.” He grinned maliciously and pulled Reynolds close.

“You pack them away careful, trying to steal them, I kill you. You drop them, I will kill you. I get to the top and they’re not ready for me to take a toke, I kill you. You spill my tabac, I’m just gonna hafta take your hand. You see me and the Emperor are so alike – we all just sacrifice and mercy.”

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