Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Orders Away ....

Further to Dev's exuberant posting on the latest order, I've placed the order. Currently we've had no response, but I anticipate picking up the majority (obviously not Black Reach, that's not out yet!) tomorrow.

It includes:

One Black Reach Box Set for pickup in September ...
  • A New Cadian Battle Force (20 cads, 3 HWT and a Lemon Rusk)
  • Another 20 Cadians (Grenade Launcher Heaven!)
  • A Chimera Transport (because I love 'em)
  • 6 Ogre Kingdom Bulls (Orgryns)
  • Codex: Orks
  • Greenstuff (like you really wanted to know that...?) for the Bull bellies.
Including the Black Reach set, that's 94 mini's and 6 vehicles... so Dev better get busy with the Imperial paint jobs cause I'm expanding the Guard.

Currently no response - but watch this space!

Objective for the Orgryns is as follows:

Courtesy of the Mighty Turtleboy
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