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Nork and Nark

Nork and Nark 'lead' the charge again, under the eye of the commissariat!

Master Darksol said...

oh, tell me that the Commissar was positioned with his Bolt Pistol to the Psycher's head on purpose. That pic reads SO awesome.

Thanks to DarkSol and Admiral Drax for the particularly positive responses to these models, thanks to your input - I thought it best to introduce you all properly:

Nork Deddog and Nark Muldoon

I'm a big fan of Nork Deddog as a bodyguard addition to Command Squads. See:
Nork Deddog Character Specification
for details. As part of my Kochi Light Infantry fluff I intend to introduce a friend to accompany Nork Deddog, his "pet" psyker Nark Muldoon.

Below you'll find a breakdown of how Devilin and I went about the conversion of Nork and Nark, the specification for Nark Muldoon and a cracking (if grotesque) fluff for the pair of them.


Nork Deddog: The Nork Deddog model was converted from an old Warhammer Ogre by Devilin. His Rippergun is built from RT era lasguns and (dah-dah-DAHH!) zoid bits.

Nark Muldoon: Supplemented a genestealer hybrid body with cadian heavy weapon mortar and missile launcher arms to give it that psyker "I've got a headache" look. The plasma pistol is an old rogue trader era model and therefore I've classed it as a plasma "holdout" pistol (with the same spec as a bolt pistol).

Nork and Nark

Nark Muldoon - Character Specification

o Sanctioned Psyker Advisor, ability "Psychic Ward"
o Plasma "Holdout" pistol (Boltpistol spec)
o Carapace Armour
o Pig Sticker (Master Crafted Force Weapon)
o Black Ship Survivor (Honorifa Imperalis Mundanus)


"Narky, wot you do up dere?" Nork grumbled "Captain says we go back now."

"Shush mate..." Nark replied in an urgent whisper. "I got one of my feelings, you know my feelings, don'tcha big man. They're rare wrong fella." He glanced down at Nork and winked, Nork shrugged and scuffed up ocre brown leaves with a single giant foot. "...but Narky, we gotta go." he mumbled.

Muldoon waved him to silence as he peered apprehensively from his position buried in the thick brambled foliage of the hedge. Before him lay a shallow gorge cut by a long dried out stream, on the other side of the canyon the leaf laden branches swayed softly. Still he sat quiet, trusting to his gut and not this tranquil visage.

His breath caught in his throat as in an instant two Eldar pathfinders appeared on the edge of the forest, their long rifles sweeping across the gorge and the bushes supporting Nark's weight. Suddenly Nark felt very exposed and vulnerable. He'd climbed the bush for a clear view and superb cover, but he realised with a sinking stomach that he had also cornered himself. There was no way he could dismount without giving away his position to those nasty looking sniper rifles.

His mind raced as the Eldar moved down towards the gulley. Thinking quickly Nark considered his desparate options. He looked down at Nork and exerting his will, reflected the image of the Eldar snipers onto Norks minds eye. Nork nodded silently, he understood Narks intentions, he then prodded himself in the eye, clearly trying to dislodge the image of the two Eldar. Crouching, the huge Orgryn started to edge himself along the hedges base. Trying to get a bead on the Eldar beyond.

Rolling his eyes in exasperation at the bodyguards behaviour, Nark looked back to the gorge. His "feeling" had now graduated to "headache" and he was certain the object of his discomfort was about to appear. The two rangers had slipped sinuously across the gorge and now signalled back across the clearing. Almost immediately a large contingent of Alaitoc guardians stood up and strode from the dappled shade of the trees. Under the glaring sunlight, Nark could see the details etched on their armour of lustrous blue and yellow. At their head stood an Eldar bedecked in glorious finery, hefting a rune encrusted spear, an Eldar Farseer.

Realising that their time was now upon them. Nark pulled his plasma holdout pistol from his belt and exerted his will over Norks slow thought processes. Nork's Ripper gun boomed repeatedly as barrage after barrage of buckshot ripped into the two Eldar rangers at close range, shredding their scout armour and flinging their bloodied bodies down into the wet grass. The Eldar farseer pointed at the bank as a dozen catapults were raised into position. Hundreds of razor sharp blades whirred across the gorge at the bushes, slicing through leaf, branch, trunk and bank as they filleted the cover that Nork had fired from.

But Nork had already gone, his enormous bulk punching through the thick foliage with great sweeps of his arms, he thundered down the back of the hedge towards Narks position. Nark raised his holdout plasma pistol and sighted the Farseer as shuriken blades whipped through the trees around him. His holdout pistol kicked hard as the plasma shot seared across the intervening space.

It caught the Farseer in the leg, searing through armour and flesh. The farseer piroeted as he fell, clutching his leg. The fire intensified as guardians moved to protect their leaders, plumeling the high hedge with fire.

Muldoon had already lost his balance to the holdout pistols kick and was now hanging upside-down by one leg in enemy fire. He heard crashes below him and sensed Nork's tumultuous approach. Releasing his leg from the branch, he fell briefly and landed clumsily into the bulky arms of Deddog, who thundered on without pause.

"We go back now?" Deddog roared as shuriken blades pinged through the wood and thunked into the carapace armour across his broad back. Nark Muldoon didn't reply at first, his headache had escalated to a fullblown volcanic migraine and his sinuses were filling with acid. He gazed up at Nork's concerned expression as pressure welled behind his eyeballs thanks to the farseers psychic attack. His eyes started to water and he felt the overwhelming urge to sneeze. He didn't so much sneeze as explode. Mucous and flehm spattered across Norks concerned face.

Deddog swore furiously and staggered as he squinted through his one clear eye. Nark grinned up at his accomplice's furious face as the giant's trudging gait carried them quickly away from the Alaitoc. "Sorry about the face, big man, but that flashy eldar was trying some mind tricks on us, gave me the sniffles is all."

Nork glanced down and grinned "Needed a wash anyhow." he said. Licking his lips.

Nark groaned.

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