Thursday, 21 August 2008

Pathfinding blog-land!

In the last 6 months I have been trawling blogs to discover those gems that are available out there. I fell in love with blogging from the start discovering others around the world who had the care, attention and linguistic skills to bind the reader to their work.

So first of all I want to thank Darkwing at 'Arcadia Prime':- The battle reports are very tidy and well written , while the battles are awesome in scale and reach. Morkany Beach was frankly nuts!

'From the Warp' - possibly the most exciting constructions, help sheets and ideas spew forth from this orafice from Ron Saikowski. He is a phenomenon who sets the bar really high, with quality ideas and and almost unstoppable production line of 40K stuff! His feedback is also very supportive and positive!

The next shout out goes to 'Admiral Drax' my fellow Brit. Never has so much been produced for so little by so few in a shed in Devon, keep it up!

'The way of Saim Hann' has moved into a new realm, podcasts - and they are really good, homemade obviously but insightful, full of demonstrated tactics and cheats for playing the sneaky Saim Hann.

The next spot goes to'The Inner Geek' who is snowed under in Titan parts and yet makes the time to comment on evryone's blog's. He is a one man audience! And his blog's great too, although obvious drained by the size of his forgeworld at the mo'!

Finally I am continually astounded by the exemplary work of 'Bell of Lost Souls' - they are the team that puts the bullet into blogs and continue to outdo, outwork and doctor to all our 40K needs. If you have not been here.... shame on you!?! Get there now and honour the Fly Lords of Terra!

Well that's about all I can think of at the moment, I read so much and love watching the updates and developments throughout blog land. Thankyou to all those who create, demonstrate and spread their knowledge and share ideas. If you too have a great blog that I haven't mentioned, flag it up. As ever Pathfinder will be watching.

Devilin out
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