Thursday, 21 August 2008

Storm Bolters!?!?!

Disappointing dimensions of a storm bolter

The bits and bobs from Bitzbox have arrived ... and the Dreadnought storm bolters are well, tiny?!? At once a huge amount of despair descended - how could this be, they cost me 60p each. What a waste - and then it occured to me...

Why does a ripper gun have to look like a ripper gun, why not kit out all the Orgs with storm bolters, but downgrade them to ripper guns. After all, they'll look awesome with Storm bolters under their arms, the Kochi force is a "Adeptus Mechanicus" force, and if the storm bolter shoot like ripper guns - well they are being fired by an Og!?

Then I had another thunk, the "Orgryn proof" rule give +1 Strength for using the Rippergun. How to overcome this? With a great big mallet? Therefore, we'll have 6 Orgs with underslung dreadnought storm bolters and wielding the following close combat weapons:
  • Broken wraith lord sword for my Bone 'Ed.
  • 8' Concrete Post
  • Imperial Guard Lascannon baseball bat
  • Tank Tread knuckleduster
  • Barrel on the end of a tow cable whip
  • 2 Handed Chimera Track Guard
Problem solved...
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