Friday, 22 August 2008

The Numbers Game.

Why cheap and numerous beats clever and expensive any day!

Glancing through Bell of Lost Souls, I've been reading about the rumours on the new Space Marine codex. Needless to say, GW have again jammed up the Space Marines with "do everything" army list of doom!

However, it is interesting and I'l reserve judgement on the outcome in that price-tags are yet to be allocated. The new codex seems to be pushing player into 10 man squads (you can't have any special or heavy weapons in a smaller squad), the codex is also expanding an already impressive array of attack options, including the new and special drop pods, thunder cannons and space marine scouts with grenade launcher on bikes with minefields and teleport/drop pod/jump pack homing beacons.

Basically there will be rock hard Smurf nutters leaping, jumping, phasing, dropping and burping into existence everywhere... but is that any different from Chaos, or Eldar for that matter?

The army lists are drawing up, into one of the following:
  • Huge army, charges recklessly (Orks, Tyranids)
  • Huge Army, shoots frenetically (Guard, Tau)
  • Tough Army, everywhere (Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Deamons)
  • Tough Army, slow (Necron)
  • Weaker Army, everywhere (Eldar, Dark Eldar)
So how will this work out ... hopefully some of the variety and options that have benefitted all the other codex will trickle down to the Imperial Guard. We have been playing the same codex since Ed. 3 and it shows.

An Ork now costs the same as a guardsman, but he has higher toughness, more attacks, a better gun etc etc. Guard have significant advantages under 5th compared to 4th. Our accuracy with big blast templates has actually improved, and we've got a lot of them. The new cover rules are good cos we like cover, and my tanks are happier under the new rules. But our points are still 3rd Edition.

With the Smurf codex getting even more "various" and the options being expanded. The hope in my heart for Imperial Guard is two fold.
  1. The numerous get even more numerous - 4 pts per guard. 2 pts per conscript, disposable troops.
  2. If not more numerous, more flexible. The doctrines are largely a waste of time, and the new platoon doctrines look very exciting.
Perhaps as soon as Christmas, the guard will have a codex worthy of them.
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