Tuesday, 3 May 2011

1750pt BlogWars List ... the final flavour (?)

As 'The Fang' has reminded me... I have barely a month left to get my list together. My objectives in order of priority are as follows:

A) Have a kick ass list of all the stuff no-one ever takes - check!
B) Take a brush, inks and a whole lotta love to my old models and tart them up for BlogWars.
C) Kill lots of people with units and tactics they just did not expect.
D) Make unsmelly friends ... who needs more smelly ones??

With this in mind and a deadline ... I announce another challenge! Do it all in a month.

Should be ok.

Here's the skinny list:

70 Command HQ with 3 Sniper Rifles and a flamer
105 Infantry HQ with 4 Grenade Launchers and a Chimera
255 3 x Lascannon equipped squads, plus a Commissar with power weapon
165 2 x Autocannon equipped squads plus a Commissar with power weapon
300 5 x Mortar Heavy Weapons Teams
155 Veterans with 3 x Melta and Chimera
85 Rough Riders x 8
150 Armoured Sentinels x 2 with lascannons and smokes
125 Devildog, Smoke, Heavy Flamer
125 Basilisk
215 Leman Russ Battle Tank, Lascannon and Pask

Total: 1750pts

Tactics: this is my take on a modern foot list... this list is all about the mortars. It may look like its actually about antitank, but really they are just about getting everybody out of their rides. The antitank has the potential to glance/penetrate 7 armoured units a turn ... then its about the mortars putting the hurt on the opponent. Anything that gets close will need to deal with veterans, Roughriders and command HQ's. There's no 'Deathstar' unit on board, but that's not how I roll. The two armoured sentinels replace the 3 scouts ... but the additional durability AND the ability to step up and ward off close combat troops cannot be ignored.

So, now on with the painting - I got all the models out last night and carefully 'dullcoted' them to take off their trademark shininess. Inks to be picked up this weekend and then its on with the work. Wish me luck!?!
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