Thursday, 5 May 2011

Stylish Blogger ... who me?

Passing something forward is all about sharing the love. The 40k Blogosphere is a small and mettled place. My 'Darling' Drax has said some nice things about me and put me at the top of his list ... warm fuzzy glow time boys - look away! As such, part and parcel of the ole Viral spam is to pay the compliment forward and make sure everytone knows who's getting the love from Suneokun (yeah, like a damn dog humping your leg!)...

So first up the bio, Seven things about me:
  1. I run my own company in very serious stuff.
  2. I work very hard from home (and hence blogging is brilliant!).
  3. I have two kids (2&3) and got married to their beautiful mother in a marquee last year.
  4. I have an 1975 'lightweight' military landrover.
  5. I drive 30k+ miles a year (clearly not in the antique landie ... that would be silly and somewhat pricey)
  6. I studied International Relations (which is like advanced pub talk) at University - don't get me started on global politics!
  7. I've been told that I am an amazing dancer (I have a lot of confidence on the dancefloor) ... I CAN salsa as well ... but can never remember the cool funky moves I''ve been taught.
In a highly intentional order is the following:
  1. Anton @ The Anarchy of Anton: My partner in blogging crime in the Leicestershire area and a biblical painter with a busy life, too much free cash and a 'plastic crack' habit to shame all. Check him out. A sharer of my secret identity.
  2. Ras (Ah Gul - obviously) @ The Deathworlders ... another convert to the crime of converting the world to All Infantry Guard sporting shed loads of mortars ... FTW. Spectacular painter and top bloke, he's writing better than some of those colonials out there - in his second language.
  3. Sholto @ Incunablog: a surefire source of Tau and Malifaux goodness, he's also a bit of a charmer on the responses.
  4. Old Shatter Hands at the Tau of War. Not only has he taught me more hands down about playing Tau, but he's also got into Infinity - good man! He writes a mean article and his blogs dead pretty.
  5. A big shout out to Darkwing @ Arcadia Prime ... he's taken a bit of a backseat from 40k, but his is still one of the best back catalogues of 40k batreps and tactics out there.
  6. Allie @ Hyperbole and a Half: Off the beaten track and totally surreal. This very attractive young woman writes frankly some of the funniest stories ... no 40k - but just genius. If it appeals and makes you laugh - log her, she's real value.
  7. Graeme @ Graeme's Fantasy Book Review - has a reading life I envy. He holds one of the best back-catalogues of Black Library reviews around and I'm yet to be disspointed by his recommendations. I also won a book from one of his giveaways - yeah!
  8. Danny Internets at Bald and Screaming, he writes really smart articles. He's popular enough, but I'm never dissapointed with his material. Top notch.
  9. JabberJabber at Warpstone Flux, he's a really nice guy, but has a cunning plan ... he writes monthly armylist challenges - I've won a few and thoroughly enjoy the interesting ideas he comes up with. Great guy too.
  10. Finally Adam @ Warhammer Tau, another guy who's gone into retirement until the new codex is released ... but a fab blog nonetheless.
Go check them out ... one and all!
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