Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Combating Real life (TM)

It's a REALLIFE (TM) Hot-Dog ... oh but that's just so hilarious ... who would have thought of that ... SHOOT ME NOW!

Real Life (TM) ... annoying how it gets in the way, isn't it. Work has gone supremely bonkers for this week and last week and with a holiday looming (coming down your end again Drax!) in mid June ... I'm struggling to find room between all the fence painting DIY, table building, IT supporting, car booting, cocktail shaking oh and yeah ... quoting, supplying, servicing, installing and commissioning at work.

My family's gotta fit somewhere in all that mix as well ... but a challenge is a challenge. To recap, I'm under obligation to spruce up my Guardsmen ready for BlogWars on the 5th June.
  • I spent a fortune (a whole £8) in the local stationary store on an awesome army box with built in pen tray (which fits all my dudes above my tanks ...FTW!)
  • I've converted Pask with multi-pistol blasting action ... but my 2YO son broke him ... 1 night to finish him and his tank.
  • I've based all the normal dudes ... some touching up is required ... 1 night.
  • Basing all the Heavy weapons teams ... 1 night.
  • Sexing up the HWTs... 1 night.
  • converting the tanks ... bombs on the Basilisk, etc etc... 2 nights.
  • Sexing up the tanks ... 2 nights.
So that's eight nights work to get together ... if I can find the energy, I effective have 14 days to do this in.

So the objective this week ... tart up the boys, finish Pask and convert the tanks.
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