Friday, 10 April 2009

101st Post (Thanks and Rumours)

By Suneokun.

I'm pleased to announce this is our 101st post! Since we started in August we've covered significant ground and developed some serious Armies. Also I've noticed that my painting has improved wholesale in the last 12 months, going from marginal to pretty ok really?!

Looking back though - have a look at post 100, a three way battle between Tau, Tyranids and Guardsmen. It proved very exciting and a worthy 100th post! Thanks to a posting glitch it turned up 13 hours too old - so may have jumped everyone radar.

Still enough with the reminiscences, I'm veyr proud of how pathfinder has grown and especially proud of our next BIG project. Looking forward to Blog 102 (or maybe 103, we're waiting on Ron here...), we've foined forces with a legend in the blogosphere to produce something I hope you'll find invaluable...

Keep watching for a big news splash!

A big thanks go out to all the commentors and collaborators out there who keep coming back for more rambling dross from me. Including Admiral Drax, Ymmot (cheers to loyalty), Jabber Jabber, Ron Saikowski, Master DarkSol, Darkwing,The InnerGeek (keep internal buddy) and many many more...

... And thanks to Devilin for getting me involved with this other addicitve hobby (blogging that is, I got HIM back into W40k!) ... Here's to 100 more.