Friday, 24 April 2009

CONVERT: Next Recipe ... Chilli-con-Carnifex

By Suneokun.

In celebration of my second child being born, a boy called Ptolemy (check out the history on Wikipedia), I celebrated my newfound lack of freedom (and 3 months not drinking at all in sympathy with Bim) by giving in to my little 'demon of plastics' and buying two battleforces from GiftsforGeeks. That, and I'd heard a rumour all the battleforces are going up in price.

Dustin at the store is planning a mighty great Apoc Battle Sunday with players joining us for a renegade guard PDF versus new guard codex fight-off - Awesome! Needless to say this will be a big feature on pathfinder!

However, I digress. After about six months of self-promises and not buying many models (don't count the Lictor pleassseeee! Or the Shaper? Or the Commissar?) and painting 185pts (according to Lone Pilgrims tally system) since just before Christmas (100 mini's, 13 monsters, 5 cavalry and a tank) I splashed out on what I rate as the two best Battleforces available: a Tau and Tyranid Battleforce.

So now I have another 6 months in which to ONLY buy 1 guard codex and nothing else... I can't wait to start converting the boxes as follows:

Tau Boxset:

12 Kroot (as normal) to join the remarkably lonely Shaper I've had for six months.
9 Fire Warriors to form a pulse rifle team to complement the two other squads.
3 Fire Warriors to be converted into Sniper Drone Spotters.
2 Gun Drones to join the Devilfish (can never have enough).
4 Gundrones to build Sniper Drones (aiming for 9 in total for ultimate stealthed up Anti-MEQ action!)
3 Stealth Suits to complement current builds.
1 Crisis Suit for a TL Flamer/burst cannon combo.

Tyranid Boxset:

8 Hormagaunts as normal.
8 Genestealers with feeder tendrils.
8 Gaunts for Gorgoyle Conversion (I have 8 already pegged and should be able to convert a total of 10 Gargoyles) with a total of 8 termagaunts to add to my 19 stong horde!
3 Tyranid Warriors for Conversion to FlyWar's with Scything Talons and Devourers/Barbed Stranglers.
A Carnifex...

So as you can see, I'm gonna be ridiculously busy for the next 6 months, fitting this in and around work and the new baby!

My problem is this, what sort of Carnifex would you recommend as a first choice. I want something distracting and dangerous, probably on the heavy side - but do I go 'shooty' or 'stompy' ... too many choices.

Have a look at my list above and the more detailed listing here ... What would you do? As it goes ... help me ObiWan Kenobi, you're my only hope!