Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Normal Service will resume in two days.

By Suneokun.

As you can probably see, someone at Photobucket can't manage a customer friendly photo hosting system... hence the annoying messages.

All I did was use more than my 'allocated' bandwidth of 25GB in a month to bring you great shots and entertainment. Ironically, while informing me I was 'close' to the limit, they failed to mention how much I had left, or on the exact date the monthly limit reset.

I ridiculously thought it would be on the 1st April (as that is the start of the month). Now they've plastered their silly logo everywhere, highlighting how singularly unhelpful and bad at customer service they are. Effectively photobucket are using my photo's as hostage, and 'encouraging' me to buy their 'pro' product.

I'm not sure how much a sense of their professionalism their automated response is supposed to engender in me... I'm still thinking. I'm still wondering... no nothing yet - maybe if I eat something???

Anyway, I'm trapped in limbo until the 3rd, so apologies guys - but I refuse to give into terrorism and exhortion (albeit on a poorly managed/bad customer service/not actually life threatening kinda way).

Could use some support here ... and also - anyone know of a decent photo-hosting site? Recommendations guys!