Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Alpha Legion - a RAW Army list

By Suneokun.

I've copied and posted my reply to Warpstone Flux's superb April Challenge. His idea is to draw up an army list that best reflects the elements of the Alpha Legion. He leaves it open to the applicant on whether this should be pre-heresy (like the book) or post, and which Codeci to use.

After some thought, I had a brainwave - and the following is the result.


For those of you who haven't read the novel yet, Alpha Legion is well worth picking up. I borrowed it from the library on a whim, thinking that Dan Abnett was pretty consistent and quality so why not. I was delighted to find a novel so far removed from the usual space marine glorification tripe that usually written that it was fantastic.

Without ruining the story, the Alpha Legion are the Astartes what the CIA special Ops is to Regular battallions. The Alpha are the youngest legion and while their loyalty to the emporer is strong, their methods of warfare and subversion are everything the Roubutte Gulliman hates about battle.

The Alpha use extensive networks of spies both in the enemies ranks and their own, they pull strings and build secret bases and they're there weeks before the Imperial Army know about it. Simply put, the Alpha are seriously cool! They frequently DON'T where power armour, and don disguises.

You can see why Alpharius and Gulliman fell out, can't you?

So if you haven't read it, read it - it has as many insights into the imperial army and that not even touching on the creative genius engendered in John Grammaticus - the cabal spy.


My thoughts would be for a Space Marine Army (pre-Chaotic) in line with the book. I think this actually best represents the combination of behind the scenes Alphari, with their up front 'inductees' like members of the Gene Infantry securing positions and running interference.

Combining the DeamonHunters Codex with Codex: Space Marines allows me a totally RAW result that I think closely relates to the sort of elements that you see in the books. I'm particularly proud of including the landspeeder Storm as this actually appears in the novel.

On the battlefield, the GK Terminator and Vanguard deepstriking units, combined with the assassin would sow confusion, discord and disaster among the enemy ranks while the stormtroopers and Scouts would secure the objectives with Rhino and Landspeeder Storm.

My feeling is that relic blades and nemisis force weapons correctly represent the description of the Falc 'Chaotic' weapon adopted from the Nurth.

HQ - Alpharius holds the troops together while Omegon deep strikes death.

Space Marine Captain (Alpharius), Artificer Armour, Relic Blade (Falc), Combi Melta (cos Plasma doesn't exist) - 155pts.

Grey Knight Brother Captain (Omegon) with 4 GK Termies (representing the other key characters) - 245pts.

Elites - keeping it light, who else would you have on your side?

Jon Grammaticus (Callidus Assassin) with Polymorphine (representing his 'language' psyker skill), a neural shredder (fits), poison blades (wounds on 4+) and 'a word in your ear' ability - just fits too well - 120pts.

Troops - This force is built around the cutting edge units carving through the enemy while these units secure/challenge the objectives. The 9 man Geno units have a symmetry and also mean that the Space Marine commander in Artificer Armour can tag a ride in a Rhino.

9 man Geno Stormtrooper squad, 8 hellguns and 2 melta guns - 110pts.

9 man Geno Stormtrooper squad, 8 hellguns and 2 melta guns - 110pts.

10 man Scout Squad with Sergeant and Missile Launcher - 150pts.

Rhino - 35pts

10 man scout squad with Sergeant and Missile Launcher - 150pts.

Rhino - 35pts

Fast Attack - The Vanguard are onboard to cause havoc and cover he approach of the rhino's (with their geno troops/captain) and the deepstriking terminator HQ. The storms are for strategic objective grabbing.

5 Vanguard Vet Squad, jump packs, 1 relic blade - 190pts

Land Speeder Storm - 100pts

Land Speeder Storm - 100pts.

Total: 1500pts.

Errrm, I'm not sure if it'd be effective on the field - but it reads well... anyhow read the novel, and let me know/crit the army list.