Tuesday, 14 April 2009

CONVERT: Gargoyle Completed

By Suneokun.

I'll let the photos do the hard work. I am extremely pleased with how this gargoyle has turned out. The combination of spinefist conversion, gun handles and spade handles has worked very well. The wing fitting is fiddly, but actually very easy to do if you do the following:
  1. Roll the wing into a curve across both the x and y axis - creating a pocket in the middle.
  2. Snip, snip and snip again to fit the space. Always fit inside the space fitting the membrane to the 'back' the wing looks ok when unpainted, but ruins the lines when painted.
  3. Paint with washes of colour and be prepared to wipe off excess.
The only thing I'm worried about is getting hold of enough Empire Pistolliers gun handles - don't bother looking on BitzBox, I bought all 20 in stock on Friday!

Let me know what you think of the model...

Victim Eye View - note the veining on the wings...

Rear Wing and Armour detail: Note how the spinefist arms work and the detail on the gun handles looks 'organic'.

Flesh Borer and Bio-Plasma weaponry detail. The Bio Plasma was a particularly fiddly piece of greenstuff work.

"Fly my beauties, fly!" The final conversion is very reminiscent of the Oz based monkeys, but also reminds me of the Gargoyle Gremlin from Gremlins 2. Many Tyranid builders like to think of the nid's as insects, but for me, I think they're half insectoid (exo-skeletons, pincers and spikes) and half Dinosaur - and who wouldn't want Pterodactyls in their army?