Monday, 6 April 2009

PAINTING: Update - The Tyranids

By Suneokun

Since the last post in February I have finished off all but a few Tau and the next target on my list is the tyranids. Thanks to a cunning choice I went for lots and lots of hording Nid's with plenty of flanking and close combat options... so far completed are:

1 Broodlord
3 Tyranid Warriors
1 Lictor
8 Old Style Genestealers
6 Mid Style Genestealers
19 Termagaunts
8 Hormagaunts
2 Ripper Swarms

And left to do...

9 Termagaunts (oh I'm sooo tired of termagaunts...)
8 Hormagaunts
6 Tyranid Warriors (damnable turkey heads)
1 Ripper Swarm

Once I have this finished, and funding acceptable I intend to celebrate by extending my Tau and Tyranid forces by purchasing them a battleforce each, although perhaps not by buying them at the same time.